buy acetyl tributyl citrate (atbc) 77-90-7 by jobachem

Buy Acetyl tributyl citrate (ATBC) 77-90-7 by Jobachem

Synonym: Acetyl tributyl citrate, Tributyl 2-acetylcitrate CAS Number 77-90-7. Linear Formula CH 3 CO 2 C[CO 2 (CH 2) 3 CH 3][CH 2 CO 2 (CH 2) 3 CH 3] 2. Molecular Weight 402.48 . Beilstein/REAXYS Number 2303316 . EC Number 201-067-0. MDL number MFCD00043554. PubChem Substance ID 24864222. NACRES NA.22

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acetyltributylcitrate (atbc) | supplier & distributor

Acetyltributylcitrate (ATBC) | Supplier & Distributor

Wego supplies Acetyltributylcitrate to users/customers for Adhesives & Sealants, Industrial Chemicals, Lubricant & Grease, Pharmaceutical & Fine Chemicals, Plastic, Resin & Rubber. This product is also known as ATBC, Tributyl Acetylcitrate, Tributyl O-acetylcitrate.

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Acetyltributylcitrate is an organic compound that is used as a plasticizer.As such, it is a potential replacement of DEHP and DINP. It is a colorless liquid that is soluble in organic solvents. It is found in nail polish and other cosmetics.

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acetyltributylcitrat – wikipedia

Acetyltributylcitrat – Wikipedia

Buy Tributyl O-acetylcitrate (CAS 77-90-7), a biochemical for proteomics research, from Santa Cruz. Molecular Formula: C20H34O8, MW: 402.48

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acetyl tributyl citrate (atbc) primary plasticizer for pvc


Nombre del producto: acetil tributil citrato (ATBC) EINECS: 201-067-0 Registro CAS No.:77-90-7 Catálogo NO.:PLC-ATBC-004 Fórmula: C20H34O8 Peso molecular: 402,48 Código HS: 2918150000 Embalaje 900 kg / IBC, 18mt / 20GP 20mt / flexibag, 20mt / 20GP tanque de 20mts ISO / camión cisterna Se almacena en el recipiente bien cerrado, en un lugar

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catálogo de fabricantes de acetil citrato de tributilo

Catálogo de fabricantes de Acetil Citrato De Tributilo

Acetil tributilo de citrato de ATBC con mejor precio CAS:77-90-7 en Shandong $150.00 / Kilogramo

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